The Savvy Traveler

Do you have a trip booked you are looking forward to? For a smooth and stress free journey make sure you are aware of below top 15 essential travel apps. It is surprising how easy and accessible travelling has become nowadays. Do you remember the days when you printed of pages and pages of booking confirmations, maps, translations, Visa etc. and you purchased bulky travel guides? The preparation was lengthy and way more in-depth back then. In the age of smartphones none of this is needed anymore. Smartphones really changed the way we are travelling today. Except for a few flights we barely booked anything in advance. A lot of information is available online on blogs and websites like Lonely Planet and Tripadvisor. With the right applications on your phone a minimum of preparation is needed and most things can be booked on the go. Please find below a list of apps we highly recommend to make your life easier while traveling. We will keep updating this list as we go. Do you have any favorite apps which are not on the list yet? Please let us know through the comment section below.

  1. Google Maps: download maps for offline use (download for Android and iOS)
  2. Wikiloc and Maps.Me: outdoor maps and trails for trekking (download Wikiloc for Android or iOS and download Maps.Me for Android or iOS)
  3. Google Trips: gives great inspiration for itineraries and sights (download for Android and iOS)
  4. Google Translate: download specific languages to have them available offline (download for Android and iOS)
  5. TripAdvisor: very useful for restaurant recommendations and much more (download for Android and iOS)
  6. Splitwise: helps you to track expenses and is the best way to share bills and make sure that everyone gets paid back when travelling in a group (download for Android and iOS)
  7. Uber: now available in many major cities across the world and very handy and safe to use for instance in South America (download for Android and iOS) Other local taxi apps: Lyft: for the States (download for Android and iOS) Ola Cabs: for India (download for Android and iOS) mytaxi: used across Europe (download for Android and iOS) Grab: for Southeast Asia (download for Android and iOS).
  8. Airbnb: keeps your budget for accommodation at a minimum (download for Android and iOS)
  9. has by far the best choice of budget accommodation (download for Android and iOS)
  10. Trivago: meta-search for accommodation providers in case fails (download for Android and iOS)
  11. Local Travel Apps: MakeMyTrip: Indian Online Travel Agency handy to book buses and trains (download for Android and iOS), Redbus: online bus ticketing platform available for many countries in South America and Asia (download for Android and iOS), Ctrip: Chinese Online Travel Agency, useful for booking hotels and trains (download for Android and iOS) 12Go: public transport platform for Thailand and most of Southeast Asia (download for Android)
  12. Skyscanner: meta-search for flights and car rental ensures you get the best prices and also lets you set up price alerts (download for Android and iOS)
  13. CheckMyTrip: keeps you organized and makes it easy to manage all of your travel plans in one place. Especially useful to keep track of your flight itineraries (download for Android and iOS)
  14. CamperMate: amazing app for all kind of information needed when on a road trip in NZ or Australia (download for Android and iOS)
  15. And last but not least ensure your photos are automatically backed up on your google drive or icloud. (I am using a Sony camera so I can sync my photos through the PlayMemories Mobile App with my phone and once the pics are on my phone they automatically backup to my google drive)

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