Packing List

We normally travel with carry on luggage as we like to travel light and want to avoid our luggage to get lost or delayed. We decided to travel as light as possible and try to have our backpacks packed in a way that they still qualify as carry on.

Our main challenge was that we will be travelling to very different climate zones and that we want to do many different activities like surfing, snorkeling hiking & skiing. Therefore, we had to pack functional clothing for all seasons. Below is an example packing list according to our specific needs. When only travelling in warm countries you can cut down on all the warm clothing.


  • Swim Wear (Bikini & One-Piece)
  • Surf Wear (Rash Vest & Board Short optional for beach destinations)
  • Hiking Boots or Trail Running Shoes
  • Sandals (we recommend hiking sandals instead of flip flops)
  • 5 Pairs of Underwear
  • 2 Pairs of Hiking Socks
  • Ski Underwear (Marino Top, Long-sleeve & Leggings)
  • Sports Outfit (Leggings, Sport-bra & Top)
  • Hiking Trousers (lighter than jeans, easy to hand-wash and dries quick)
  • Warm Jumper
  • Nice Top (Special Occasions)
  • Dress
  • 2 Bras
  • Long-sleeve
  • 3 Reg Tops/T-Shirts
  • Short
  • Down Jacket
  • Rain Trousers
  • Rain Jacket
  • Scarf


  • Kindle
  • Camera
  • Smart Phone
  • Small Laptop (Lenovo Yoga)
  • Power Bank


  • Sun Glasses
  • Padlock
  • Money Belt
  • Ear Plug & Mask
  • Headphones
  • Small sleeping bag (optional for cold countries)
  • Sleeping bag Liner (optional for budget accommodation)
  • Foldable Day Backpack
  • Head Lamp
  • Dry Bag
  • Packing Cubes
  • Waterproof Document Zip Bag
  • Plastic Cutlery
  • Snorkeling Equipment (optional for beach destinations)
  • Travel Pillow
  • Travel Towel
  • Sarong
  • Water Purification Tablets (optional for trekking trips)
  • Thermos Flask (optional for trekking trips)
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Pocket Knife

Toilet Bag

  • Toothbrush
  • Soap
  • Tampons
  • Hairbrush
  • Earbuds


  • Essential Oils (Tea-tree & Citronella)
  • Toothpaste
  • Shampoo
  • Mascara
  • Mosquito Repellent
  • Sunscreen
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner


  • Paracetamol (don’t take Aspirin or Ibuprofen in countries with risk of dengue fever)
  • Imodium
  • Charcoal Tablet
  • Antihistamine
  • Apis Mellifica (homeopathic medicine for mosquito bites)

First Aid Kit

  • Tweezers
  • Little Scissors
  • Safety Pins
  • Vinyl Gloves
  • Bandages
  • Open Woven Bandages
  • Crepe Bandage
  • Preparations, Disposables & Tapes
  • Hygienic Cleansing Wipes
  • Dressings
  • Pack of Plasters (different sizes)
  • Bepanthen Antiseptic Cream
  • Sea Salt Sachets


  • Vaccination Booklet
  • International Drivers License
  • Driving License
  • Bank Cards
  • Visas
  • ID & Passport
  • Passport photos for Visa
  • US dollars
  • Back up important information and papers (copy of your passport, driving license etc.)

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