While we are quite savvy when it comes to booking flights we decided to get help from a professional. After using all the meta sites there are to figure out affordable connections we reached out to our very good friend who works @Reiss Aus! and specialises in around the world tickets. As we want maximum flexibility and don’t know yet what will be our final destination it was decided that an around the world ticket won’t be suitable for us. We were advised to book separate flights which worked out to be very affordable. The best part was that we could opt in for extended stopovers wherever we had connecting flights. This enabled us to add additional destination to our itinerary. We only booked our flights for the first three months so that we can remain flexible and are able to amend timelines on the go. All flights were booked about 3 months in advance at a total of EUR 3,168 / GBP 2,836.

A special thank you to our very good friend Welfi who booked us great flight connections enabling us to visit so many different places.

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