There are a number of factors to consider before taking off. For instance, you need to make up your mind about the duration of the trip, budget, seasons, visa, what to bring, flights and insurance. We had a shared google sheet where we tracked the progress on savings, to do and packing list. It is crucial to think carefully about the time of the year you want to start your trip. You need to make up your mind when to quit your job and how much time you want to give yourself in between finishing your job and taking off. We allowed ourselves one week to get organised. It was decided to start our trip beginning of Jul 2017 based on a tax rebate. When working in a European country and you quit your job and inform the revenue office that you won’t work the remainder of the year in the European Union you will get your tax back based on over-payment for the remaining 6 months (we finished work end of June).

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