Day 3 – Algonquin Park

We had a very special time in Algonquin National Park staying @Bongopix. Bongo and his wife are great people who followed their dreams of living in beautiful surroundings connected with nature. Both are very much into music which is reflected in the set up of the lodges. Each lodge has its own musical theme and there are all kind of instruments in the common room. After a beautiful day of canoeing and hiking there was no better way of finishing the day at a bun fire singing along very talented musicians. … Thanks to Canada’s 150 year anniversary all national parks’ entrance is free of charge!! so pack up your bags, fly with Iceland air (or Wow air!!) before it’s too late! Also once inside a national park, you’ll need to get a parking permit which cost on average CAD $17/day

Top tip: Be prepared for the local wildlife and pack up on both mosquito repellent and afterbite! Canadian mosquitoes are very tenacious (I somehow managed to get bitten 3 times while having a cigi!!) anyhow, yes be advised that you should have it close by day or night.. and flies do f%@#*g bite you, these are actually called black flies (we even heard that deer flies would even take a whole chunk of your skin..! true story mate!)

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