We spent two weeks in Antigua the Land of 365 Beaches. Antigua is a Caribbean island, situated three hours southeast from Miami or 8 hours from London. During off-season (May – Oct) temperatures are ranging between 26 and 33 C which is hotter than in high-season (Nov- Apr). You might encounter some ‘popcorn showers” as they call it here. However, showers are brief and warm. Rates being cheapest during off-season however, there is a slight threat of hurricanes.

We are very lucky to have family in Antigua. Like anywhere it is great to know locals and to have connections. We were able to live in a beautiful villa for two week in exchange of dog sitting. Visiting this Island for the first time is mind-blowing. Anywhere looks like a postcard image. Such a little paradise. Being here off season means most beaches are completely empty as many resorts are closed. It also means it is mango season. The mangoes are incredible. Another highlight was that Carnival was on while we were on the island.

In order to be able to visit all the beautiful beaches we would highly recommend to rent a car. We had a great experience renting a car at Titi Car Rental for ~ EC$ 1168/week (EUR 370/ GBP 331).

Top Tip: Eat a mango in the sea and dip it into the salt water – delicious!


Total spending in Antigua for two weeks was EC$ 2,146/person (EUR 672/ GBP 611). This is not a realistic spending if you actually have to pay for accommodation which is quite pricey in Antigua.


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