Successful Puppy Rescue

About two weeks ago we spotted those puppies on the side of the road. We made sure to always have some biscuits and water with us to feed them when passing by. We were hoping that the mother would come back one day or someone local would adopt them. Whoever knows me is probably aware that I am not particularly animal-loving. I don’t know if it was my maternal instinct coming to the surface but I fell in love with these two puppies. A few days later we decided to bring them to the local Animal Rescue Center (ARC) opposite the Chapolim dam wall, 2km north of Chaudi. We were so impressed by this organisation that we wanted to share their great work with you. The shelter is extremely clean and well organised and the animals are so grateful for being looked after that it is heartbreaking. We ended up coming back to the shelter almost everyday to visit our puppies and to volunteer. Puppies needed to get bathed, de-ticked, de-wormed and most importantly kittens and puppies needed to get cuddled and dogs had to get walked. At the moment, this shelter looks after 50 puppies, around 25 dogs, a number of cats and kittens as well as a calf.

The ARC was established in 2005 to help care for sick and injured animals and to also control the population of stray dogs through their animal birth control program. They also provide anti rabies vaccinations, emergency care and feed the animals during the monsoon – this is an essential part of their work as most of them are without food during off season. Another aim of the organisation is educating and raising awareness among the local community on how to take care of their pets as well the many stray animals. They take in hundreds of animals injured on the busy roads. Some find new homes among the local community, or fly back with tourists to their new home.

We also saw a lot of sad things at the centre. ‘Hero’ was found on the beach practically beaten to death and buried in a shallow grave but still alive. Every limb of this poor dog was broken and he’d been hit in the head. As the person who found the dog made a very generous donation, the centre was able to bring him to a clinic for a check up. After a couple of days the shelter raised enough founds and is now able to pay for his surgeries.


The ARC is a charitable organisation, purely donation based and needs any support they can get. During high season it is great to see that many people coming to the centre to volunteer or make donations everyday. However, things go very quiet during off season and the shelter needs funds to build a roof before the monsoon hits the region and to feed all the strays during off season.

In case you feel generous you can donate through their Facebook Page or through PayPal

They also put together a wishlist on Amazon. Amazon address form details:
Full name: Animal Rescue Centre
Mobile: 9665636264
Pincode: 403702
Street Address: Left under railway bridge in Chawdi near Canacona train station
Landmark: Opposite Chapolim Dam
City: Canacona
State: Goa

If you would like to volunteer please contact ARC They are currently also looking for a qualified vet.

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